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I won’t weary you with all that I did and was, the many hats I wore, but would like to tell you about now and me in the now, as an artist.

I see art and beauty everywhere… always have.

In the veins of leaves, the translucent petals of orchids, the wings of moths, the tiny excellence of the violet spreading the same fragrance in the spring all over the world. 

There are no blunders in the color combinations of nature, and you can hardly do better then to plagiarize from the scheme of a butterfly or a salt-water fish.
The art forms of our ancestors, no matter from what region of the planet, offer a constant source of incredulity… be it jewelry, poetry, architecture, prose or music. Our Creator often loans a particle of his grandeur to artists, and shares with them for the short incarnation some exalted moments of inspiration and innovation.

In the past my training and pleasure has been interior design. I thought of it as the perfect art form; a charmed profession that comes with the privilege of creating the “safe zone” for clients that they call home. Working as a designer is about aesthetics, but one is obligated to have a repertoire that includes the understanding of light and sound, the importance of comfortable seating, and the ability to produce the elements that subliminally whisper ~
 Come in, stay and be at ease.


Recently I was surprised with the ability to express through a new art form.

Ex Nihilo~ (out of nowhere) my eyes opened to the magic of assemblage & mixed media. It is a gift I am very grateful for, as I can to bring to it my understanding of space, shape, balance, texture and even some drama. The aged wood and gilt of a refined relic, the cool ivory, the metal encrusted embroidery combine with machine age steel in a surprisingly original way.

You turn a bat upside down, and it becomes the shoe of a courtier. The vantage point shifts with every new component, and it is limitless what elements unite effectively. When an assemblage  piece is completed I always envision the room that it would complement.

I keep in mind what Salvador Dali said: “There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.“

I find discernment most important. Both the artists and the collector need to experience the WOW moment. I hope that you will judge my work kindly, as it will have gone through my harsh filter by the time you see it.

Striving to evolve will likely be a lifelong occupation, as I yearn to earn a wink from
maestro Dali













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thvid2See Video:
Cant get curious enough about Curiosities